Offering training and learning opportunities to other professionals is an important part of Kaleidoscope’s work. Delivering training allows us to contribute to systemically improving access to support for LGBTQ+ individuals while empowering professionals to feel knowledgeable and confident in supporting this community. 

We are able to offer tailored training to suit the individual needs of your group or organisation. Our training primarily focuses on Working with Gender and Sexual Diversity and we are able to deliver more focused sessions on specific issues or concerns within this field. 

A typical training is likely to include:

  • Reflective and Experiential work.
  • Overview of Gender and Sexual Diversity.
  • Challenges and barriers including discrimination, impact on mental health, social context etc.
  • Input on inclusive and affirmative practice.
  • Terminology and evolving language.
  • Discussion and engagement around service specific concerns for your organisation
  • Space for Q&A.


We also offer ad-hoc one-to-one consultancy for any professionals working with the LGBTQ+ community who may be looking for advice and guidance on how to best support those you may be working with. 

Engaging with training and consultancy through our service not only builds on your own skills and supports your organisation to be more inclusive and work affirmatively with the GSRD community, it also supports our work as a non-profit, allowing us to continue providing an affordable and accessible counselling service and to have a broader social impact. 

If you are interested in finding out more or booking a training session, please contact

Feedback from Training Sessions 

“The session was so inclusive and felt like a really safe space. Thanks so much.”

School counsellor

“Cat was a brilliant facilitator so thank you very much. Very informative, positive to everyone’s views and ideas and allowed everyone to have their say in a safe environment. I felt heard and confident enough to speak and share.”

School counsellor

“Thank you for everything with this event. You had so much knowledge to share and it felt communicated in a really accessible, friendly way.”


Self-Study CPD Module on Working with GSRD Young People 

Individuals looking for further training or development in this work may wish to consider Pink Therapy’s self-study CPD Modules. One of our founders has written the module on Working with GSRD Youth.

Working with GSRD Young People