About Kaleidoscope

Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals at this time. For support options, please see our Useful Links page.

We are a non-profit, accessible service in Glasgow offering Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity Therapy to anyone aged 12 and above. We work in an inclusive way, providing a specialist service to those who may find it difficult to access counselling. 

Our mission is to provide informed, affirmative, and accessible counselling to Gender and Sexual diverse individuals in Scotland, to create lasting improvements to emotional wellbeing.

Why we work with Gender and Sexual Diversity

We have made it our mission to provide support to those who identify as LGBTQ+ or Gender and Sexually Diverse while also working to champion equality and inclusion. 

Across mental health issues, those who identify as part of this community are consistently over-represented and often experience further harm and distress caused by inexperienced, unknowledgeable, or misguided professionals. 

We know that some individuals will come to counselling specifically to talk about their sexual or gender identity and it’s important that you feel able to do so without fear of discrimination, judgement, or feeling that you have to educate your counsellor.

Other people may want to access counselling to talk about other concerns in their life or issues unrelated to their identity but still want support from an informed, affirmative, and knowledgeable counsellor who can appreciate the entirety of your life and experiences. 

Our Founders

Cat and Claire founded Kaleidoscope Counselling Scotland in 2019. They had been running the counselling service at LGBT Youth Scotland for almost five years when they chose to branch out. Wanting to be able to reach more people and offer an expanded counselling service, they decided to start their own independent non-profit organisation with the goal of making therapy as accessible and as affordable as possible for the LGBTQ+ community.

Both of our founders are qualified and highly experienced counsellors with lived experience of the community they work to serve.

Our Board

Our board is currently made up of our founders and three additional directors, each bringing their own unique experience and expertise. Our board is responsible for overseeing the work that we do, ensuring that we are working effectively, ethically, and always in the best interests of our community.