About Counselling

Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals at this time. For support options, please see our Useful Links page.

Counselling is a kind of talking therapy that allows you to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive, and confidential space. Often people come to counselling when they are seeking change and want their lives to be different, or when they want an opportunity to talk openly about feelings which may be difficult to share with others. 

Our job is to help you navigate these thoughts and feelings, to be with you in exploring changes and choices, and help you find ways of coping which feel right for you. We won’t judge, criticise, or tell you what to do. Every individual has to make their own unique choices and we understand that there is no one right answer for everyone. 

The kind of counselling we offer at Kaleidoscope is Person-Centred counselling. In a nutshell this means that we think you are the expert in your own life. Nobody knows you better than you. Your experiences and feelings are the most important thing in our work together and we can support you to explore your own feelings, increase your self-awareness, and work towards your full potential. 

We also believe in taking a Pluralistic approach which means that we recognise different approaches, different things will be helpful to different people at different points in their life. No one size fits all and we will always work to support you as an individual.