Our values

Equity and Inclusion: We exist to improve access to mental health support for GSRD individuals. We believe in creating the most equitable and inclusive service we can, with a commitment to accessibility. Equity recognises everyone has different needs and circumstances, and we believe in meeting each individual where they are to provide fair opportunities. We want to listen to our community and have the voices of those we serve shape the future of what we do. 

Compassion: We approach everything we do with genuine care, empathy, and respect. Compassion for us means having an understanding of our community‚Äôs needs and working together to offer the best support possible. 

Adaptability: We will work towards constant improvement, and to always do the best we can with the resources available to us. We also believe in carving new paths, finding new and progressive ways of working when existing systems no longer serve us.

Integrity: We believe in working fairly and transparently, with a focus on building trust and reliability. We will always seek to make decisions that are in the best interests of our community and will be honest about the work we are doing. Integrity also means that we are constantly striving to be better, continuously learning, and accepting responsibility when we get it wrong.