How We Work

Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals at this time. For support options, please see our Useful Links page.

We offer individual counselling for adults and young people aged 12 and over in Scotland.

We offer up to 16 sessions which are usually on a weekly basis, at a regular time agreed with your counsellor. Sessions take place either face-to-face at our office in Glasgow, online via Zoom or by telephone. Please note that we are closed on Wednesdays.

We aim to be an accessible service and offer sessions on a sliding scale payment model. As of November 2023, to ensure that we can continue offering a service, our minimum session fee is £15. Each counselling session costs Kaleidoscope an average of £50 so we ask clients (or those paying on behalf of them) to reflect on how much they are able to invest in their wellbeing and to support our service. If the minimum session fee is not affordable to you, please get in touch as we are sometimes able to subsidise a limited amount of sessions through our Pay It Forward scheme.

Pay It Forward

Kaleidoscope is indebted to the support of our community in allowing us to deliver a service. If you are able to do so, we ask that you pay the full fee of £50 per session and consider paying what you can above this to help those who are unable to pay more. Every extra payment makes a big difference to a small organisation like ourselves and the work we do.

Suggested Payment Guidelines

CircumstancesPayment per Session
I often stress about meeting basic needs. I have very little expendable income for things like eating out, concerts, cinema, new clothes or books etc.£15 – £30
I am usually able to meet my basic needs. I can afford public transport and taxis. I have some expendable income at certain times throughout the month or year.£30 – £50
I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs. I can afford public transport and / or have access to my own car.
I have my own expendable income and am able to buy new items when I need or want them.
£50 – £100
(Adapted from SQIFF payment guidelines)